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How to Design a Salon

Since the main purpose of a salon is to make people more attractive, it’s only natural that it should look visually appealing as well.

Creating a salon that is not only functional but also beautiful can go a long way in attracting and keeping customers. With that in mind, here’s how you should design your salon if you want it to be the talk of the town.

Think about the layout

Before you actually start buying furniture items and decorating your salon, you should decide on its layout. For example, the waiting area and the cash register should be closer to the front, while the hair washing and drying area should be more to the back. The transition between the areas should be smooth, and make sure there’s plenty of room to sit.

Choose a theme

If you want your salon to be memorable, it should convey a certain message or image that makes it stand out from the rest. It can be anything you like, or it can be something that is generally popular like the animal theme, seaside atmosphere, Hollywood theme, etc. Moreover, don’t just focus on the walls – the theme should be reflected in every part of your salon. So, add decorations that emphasize the theme, like plants if you’ve chosen the theme of nature or an actual red carpet if you’d like your customers to feel like celebrities.

Pick a color scheme

Of course, the colors you choose depend on the theme you want to go with. However, once you decide on the theme and color scheme, you should maintain the colors throughout your salon. Also, don’t pick more than three main colors – working with fewer colors will make it easier to create a space that looks both simple and stylish. Of course, you can add contrasting colors if your theme is based on contrast, but even such colors should not be completely random. Otherwise, your salon would end up looking more kitsch than trendy.

Buy the right furniture

When it comes to furniture and other equipment, needless to say, it should be of high quality. Also, all the seating options should be comfortable, since nobody likes waiting for their appointment on an uncomfortable chair.

Moreover, since there are various seating options on the market, you can also choose furniture that fits your theme. For example, if you’re aiming for something more formal and elegant, you can choose black executive chairs for your receptionists, and leather armchairs for the waiting area.

Provide entertainment

You probably don’t want your clients to stare at the walls while waiting for their turn, so make sure to provide them with some entertainment. For example, you can invest in a nice flat screen TV, buy some newspapers they can read, or simply play some nice music. You can also go the extra mile and create a small library for your customers, or offer them free WiFi so they can browse the Internet on their phones. Of course, they can always go for a walk and return, but you want your customers to enjoy your salon – not just because of its quality service but also because of the pleasant and entertaining atmosphere.

Make it unique

If you want your salon to really stand out, you should make it unlike any other in the city. This isn’t’ just about colors and themes – it’s about the whole experience. For example, if you want to use the animal theme, create a special area for your customers’ pets, provide magazines about animals, and maybe even offer snacks for the pets. You can also install a big aquarium with beautiful fish, which does not only fit the theme but also serves as a nice decorative element.

Consider selling products

If you’d like to earn more, you should consider selling products as well. There will always be people who come to dye their hair and forget their own dye, or those who try your products and want to buy them. Therefore, think about offering your clients a chance to buy cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, etc. Also, place them in the waiting area, or display them in your front window, so people can browse them while they wait for their appointment.


With so many salons around every corner, making yours stand out might seem a bit challenging. However, you can increase your chances of success simply by tackling one task at a time. So, decide on the layout and come up with a good theme, which will also dictate your colors. Choose quality and comfortable furniture, and make sure your clients won’t be bored in the waiting area. Pay attention to the details, and have no doubt your salon will become many people’s favorite.


Brigitte Evans

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