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Is Your Nail Shop Clean?

Going to get your nails done, eyebrows waxed, bunions busted and calluses removed is supposed to be a relaxing experience. Because of the high volume nails salons service daily, it is crucial to sanitize, sterilize, and employ hygienic practices.  Often, nail technicians are able to get away with less than sanitary practices, simply because customers don’t know better. 

Are you one of those customers? Recognize the major signs of a dirty salon:

  1.  When you get a pedicure, was the footbowl washed prior to you inserting your feet? After? Does the salon utilize liners after EACH customer?
  2. Are the towels clean? Did you see your nail technician retrieve a clean, folded towel, from a supply of other clean towels?
  3. Are tools used on your hands and feet sterilized? Where were they pulled from? Were they simply plucked from a group of other utensils resting in an off-brand mug, or were the utensils unwrapped from a sterile, plastic set, sitting under a sterile lamp?
  4. Is the waiting area dusty? Is the floor dusty? Does the reading material in the waiting area date back ions or is it from this/last month? This can provide insight into how regularly the shop cleans!
  5. Is your nail technician clean or sloppy? Do they wear a mask? Are they focused or are they making trips to the back to eat or outside to smoke while doing your nails? 

To be as hygienic as YOU can, you may want to purchase your own utensils… if you’re a regular, or even if you’re not, the one-time-fee investing in a personal kit is nothing in comparison to having peace of mind! Also, avoid shaving within 24 hours of your appointment to avoid the chance of cuts and nicks that may be invisible to the human eye.

Brittany Ireland

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