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Peep These 7 Strange Facials Treatments

Health is wealth and in today’s day and age that places a premium on aesthetics, proper skin care is essential to maintaining a healthy, “wealthy” image.  What would you do to have beautiful, luxurious skin like celebrities and movie stars? Many people would do ANYTHING! Check out these seven seemingly absurd—but increasingly popular—facials tips and techniques that are gaining in popularity:

Bee Venom Facial

Studies show that an estimated 5-8% of people in the U.S. will experience a bee-related allergy in their lifetime. For the remaining 92-95% of us, there’s an interesting trend of applying bee venom to the face. Because the bee venom is anaphylactic, it temporarily relaxes the muscles in the face, improves circulation, and breaks down cell membranes which can form a more plump, tight feeling of the skin and a smoother complexion. 

Vampire Facial

Most popularly seen on the face of Kim Kardashian West, the vampire facial ‘treatment’ is a mixture of a microdermabrasion, followed by the application of PRP (platelet-rich plasma)—extracted from your blood. Your blood is placed on your skin to promote healthy activity of skin cells.

Fire Facial

This facial is seeing a lot of popularity in Japan. Known as “Huǒ liáo,” one places an alcohol-soaked towel with a “special elixir” on the face then light it on fire which is said to stimulate the skin, addressing dullness, sagging and wrinkles. 

Caviar Facial

Eating fish can replenish omega-3 fatty acids and boost your skins anti-inflammatory EPA but did you ever think about what would happen if you subtracted your stomach from the equation? Would you smear caviar on your face? The delicacy is said to be firming and hydrating.

Bird Poop Facial

Have you ever heard that it’s good luck for a bird to empty its bladder on you? Bird poop had been considered a stroke of luck for centuries and some believe that a bird poop facial is lucky too! Mixed with rice bran, the excrement is rumored to exfoliate the skin! The facial is also known as a ‘geisha facial.’

Snail Facial

We all know escargot is expensive but did you know that snails produce hyaluronic acid, proteins and antioxidants? The treatment of having snails crawl and excrete across the face is considered by some as both relaxing and gentle. 

Urine Facial

Urine has been used in interesting ways throughout history. Urine has been used as fertilizer, as food, in cleaning products and even in medicine! Would you apply urine to your face? Two Years ago, a UK woman by the name of Stella Ralfini claimed that urine on the face was her “best-kept secret for glowing skin”. What is interesting about Ralfini is that she studied medicine in India for almost 40 years, and first applied the urine to her skin (as advised by a ‘local’) to cure a rash. The rash was gone within 7 days!

Everyday Ralfini dabs pee on her face saying the urine “contains urea and uric acid, which is an exfoliant use of an exfoliant on a daily basis tricks the skin into thinking it’s wounded and boosts collagen production. This is true of most topical skin-care products that contain salicylic, glycolic, and fruit acids.”

Which are you most likely to try?

Brittany Ireland

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