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Tell-Tale Signs of a Bad Esthetician

Not knowing how something is supposed to look or how a practice is supposed to be done is allows beauty professionals to get away with errors and mistakes that can be of detriment to YOU, the client. Ignorance and unfamiliarity in this area can also be nerve wracking for the client. 

Arm yourself.  Before you get a bald spot, irritated skin, or a rash, familiarize yourself with tell-tale signs of estheticians likely to commit common mistakes and cover-ups.

Remove yourself from your beauty appointment if you experience any of the following situations:

  • License not visible or available upon request
  • Hands are not washed/gloves are not worn
  • No testing or questions are asked about your skin history/skin type prior to using product
  • Professional is reading from or following a book or list of instructions
  • No knowledge of law/legislation surrounding new/prohibited practices

Brittany Ireland

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