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The Top 4 Nail Shapes, And How They Describe Your Boss Babe Style

There are so many ways to be a boss babe.  If you’re like me, you’ve experimented with plenty of different nail shapes. But what’s your go-to? Different women have different styles of leadership, and your favorite nail shape can say a lot about the way you make moves.

Stilleto nails

are the perfect compliment when you’re feeling extra bold. They’re the pointiest nail shape, and similar to stiletto heels, are hard to ignore. They say your confidence is on ten. Sporting stilleto nails says you know you’re on top. You’ve done your research and close deals with ease. And if anyone gets too close, they just might get clawed. 

Square nails

fit for those times you don’t have to boast. You don’t have to speak much because your work ethic does the talking for you. Square nails say you’re a straight shooter, a hard worker. Approachable, but in no rush to approach. They’re perfect for when your confidence is shining from the inside out. Square nails show you know have it going on, and won’t beg the next person to understand. 

Almond nails

highlight that multitasking comes easy to you. As an everyday look, almond nails show you can easily split your attention between handling business and being fashionable. Thankfully their rounded shape means they don’t catch on clothing, and don’t require a lot of maintenance. And when all that work is done, almond nails are a great accessory for when you let your hair down at happy hour. 

Coffin nails (aka ballerina nails)

are for the woman who’s been known to make her own lane. Instead of deciding between square and almond nails, coffin nails give the best of both worlds. If coffin nails are your go-to, you are likely the negotiator at work and the peace-maker in your friend group. You assertively close deals because you know what compromises help everyone leave happy.

But we all know choosing your nail shape is just half the battle. Picking a color is where it really gets real. What’s your favorite nail shape? Sound off in the comments below.

Vanessa Roberson

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