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9 Edge Controls Trends You MUST Try

If you don’t have edges, you don’t have anything.

It doesn’t really matter how you rock them… but having thick, healthy edges is absolutely necessary. Accentuating your baby hairs is a MUST!

Check out these 9 must-try edge trends:

1. S-Curl – The S Curl baby hair design is just that, a design, in the shape of an S, to softly frame the face and hairline.

2. Got2b Styling Gel – Typically sold for 2.99, in the small size, this “edge control” is one of the most durable money can buy, especially for ALL hair textures. It lays silky hair, and freezes/holds thicker textures as well. The yellow bottle (contains white gel) is know to flake sooner becasue it is typically used daily. The black bottle (contains clear gel) is known to hold longer. The black bottle is so strong it’s used to apply frontal wigs and lacefront closures.

3. Separate Circles – These circular swoops are an eccentric, stylish addition to any hairstyle, typically paired with a simple bun or sleek ponytail to “jazz it up”

4. Head Wrap with baby-hairs – If you don’t have time to style your hair, this stylish solution is for you! Using a head wrap or scarf, cover your entire head. Accentuate your baby hairs, for a polished, quick look.

Image result for head wrap and edges

5. Colored baby hairs – Adding color to your baby hair is an easy way to stand out or update your hairstyle.

6. Gorilla Snot – The “edge control gel” is actually called “moco de gorila,” meaning Gorilla Snot in Spanish. The gel hails from Mexico and comes in 4 varieties: YELLOW, “punk” has the strongest hold and is recommended to be used for creating punk rock hairstyles. PURPLE, “sport” has a minty smell and is used for protecting natural nutrients and training the hair to lay. GREEN, “galan” has the least hold of the group. RED, “rockero,” has the second strongest hold following the yellow bottle and has a peach/tangerine/cherry smell.

7. Side burn design – Don’t forget to style your edges! Sideburns are like extensions of your baby hairs and edges and they need love too! Styling your sideburns add more of a frame to the face and polishes your look even more.

8. Toothbrush vs. Edge brush vs Bristle brush– “Edge brushes” (left) are not always the answers where styling your baby hair. Typically, because they are wider, rounder and smaller, many people use a toothbrush (right) to style their edges when opting for more intricate designs. Bristle brushes (middle) are even used, especially when taming 4a, 4b, and 4c-textured coils, because they are more heavy duty. A main plus of edge brushes is the comb at the other end that can aid in styling and polishing off looks.

9. Xtreme Gel – This “edge control” is known for sleeking even the most stubborn edges. Xtreme gel is also perfect for creating “the wet look” on any texture of hair.

You’re welcome.

Brittany Ireland

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