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5 Makeup Tips to Remember for Halloween

Makeup is like the icing on a cake – it polishes off a look and makes it look great. But, there can be a caveat to exploring makeup, especially heavy, vibrant, and costume makeup that tends to be used during Halloween season.

Don’t forget these tips when enhancing your October 31st looks:

One – Before using any new products, perform a skin test and with a duration of 24 hours to observe any reactions.

Two – Beware of the products used on your face. Ensure that paints used on the face are FDA certified. Avoid using liquid latex near the eyes, as it is ammonia based and has strong vapors.

Three – A thin layer of vaseline can make makeup removal a lot easier.

Four – Clean your face properly before you start: use astringent to remove your facial oil and rinse with cold water to minimize your pores.

Five – If you are using any prosthetics to amplify your look like scabs, nails, toilet paper, etc., spirit gum works wonderful as an adhesive. Allow the gum to become tacky prior to adhering the prosthetic to the face.

Happy Halloween!

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Brittany Ireland

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