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Beauty Tips for Eye-catching Halloween Makeup

The right makeup can transform any costume and can take an outfit or look to the next level. Eye shadow, lipstick, foundation and lashes aren’t everything though.

Check out these tips and techniques to amplify your look this Halloween:

Texture – for adding texture, consider using a coarse texturing sponge to apply foundation and colors. Also, when applying, explore with stencils to add to the textured look

Latex – Latex can also be used to create texture. Use latex in layers and avoid used liquid latex around the eyes because of its strong fumes. To create scars, apply a piece of tissue in between layers. To create the appearance of rotting flesh, peel back a layer of dried latex.

Spirit Gum – spirit gum is a great adhesive for prosthetics on the face. From extra eyeballs, to a rusty nail, this gum works wonders. Apply the gum to a clean face, prior to foundation, and when it is tacky, adhere the prosthetic.

Powder – Don’t apply your makeup near powder (or an open flame) but, powder can be essential after your makeup has been applied. Dusting your face with powder can aid in it’s upkeep and applying powder hair and clothes adds an aged look.

Skin Test – to protect your skin, be sure to do a skin test on products you have never used before. Read the label to ensure you aren’t allergic, to any of its contents, then apply the product to a small area and allow 24 hours to observe for reactions.

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