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To Man Bun? Or Not To Man Bun?

Let’s face it. Man buns will never be as great as cinnamon buns, though they are one of the trendiest new hairstyles of the 2010s decade, for men.

Ancient man buns can be found on the heads of sumo wrestlers and throughout Asian culture. Today, they can be found on anyone from toddlers to grandpas, across a number of different races.

Man buns are not to be confused with top knots, Which are braided and coiled and often strategically placed/pinned. Man buns are quite simple: the hairstyle results when a man or anyone of the male-identifying human species forms his hair into a bun. A bun is a hairstyle where the hair is gathered then collected in a shape similar to a dinner roll, or “bun.”

Half-shaved head or full head of hair:

High or low:

Big or small:

Neat or messy:

Coiled or straight:

Braided or Locked:

…Real or fake?…

That’s right. We are displeased to report that fake man buns actually exist and are being sold everyday. Because man buns have seen such a surge in popularity, it makes perfect sense that the weave industry took a stab at getting in on the profit action.

Related image

This bun is available for just 10 bucks and is accompanied with a handy clip for attaching the bun to one’s scalp.

We all know it seems like men’s hair tends to sprout faster than women’s. If you’re feigning to rock a bun, just grow your hair for 2 months and you’ll be set.

Pretty much any way you rock it, (as long as its real), your man bun is a win.

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