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Winterize Your Skin

Being “icy” is only cute when it comes to Saweetie, who’s skin is actually very balmy, radiant and flawless.

It is common practice to winterize your wardrobe, pipes in your house and even your boats/cars, but have you ever thought about winterizing you skin? Doing so is just as important.

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Consistent winter weather can be brutal on the layers of skin, from the outer layer of epidermis to the inner-most dermis tissue. We recommend following the following steps to keep your skin hydrated, soft, luminescent and healthy:

Get a winter-specific moisturizer – creams tend to last longer and provide more coverage during the colder months when compared to lotions. the less alcohol in the product, the better. Consider foregoing scented products during these months. Products you use should be noticeably heavier and thicker than products you use in warm weather months. NOTE: “glycerin” and “sorbitol” are your best friends. These are humectants that pull moisture from the air into your skin.

Humidifier – The more you crank up the heat, the more the moisture in the air evaporates. Mediate this with a humidifier, which which add moisture and decrease the rate at which your skin dries. Use cold water to avoid mold.

Exfoliate – When your skin dries, the skin cells become dead and they no longer shed, which prevents your moisturizer from penetrating as much as possible for maximum hydration., It is important to exfoliate gently, to avoid dead-skin build-up.

Special shower – Though they feel amazing, reconsider hot showers. Hot water actually drains the skin of moisture more than warmer, cool water. We aren’t telling you to take cold showers, and get sick, but be advised that hot water is not the best during the cold months. When you are finished showering, be sure not to harshly rub the skin to avoid chaffing. Blot dry. Also, studies show that it is best to apply your moisturizer in the shower or immediately after (within 2 minutes).

Lips – Make sure you have a moisturizer for your lips. If you drink a lot of water or constantly lick your lips, you have an increased risk for severely chapped lips, and that’s no fun. Ladies, before you layer on the lipstick, apply your moisturizer.

Hands, Ears and Head – These extremities are the avenues in which heat escapes the body. Ensure that they are protected so your skin remains as warm and as hydrated as possible.

You’ll thank us when you are shining like the sun on a cold winter day.

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