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Harper’s Bazaar 2020 Trends to Watch

Harper’s Bazaar (HB) is one of the most celebrated sophisticated, elegant and provocative, sources for trends including styles from the runway to makeup and hair inspiration, chic wedding and street fashion.

As 2020 is the beginning to a new generation, HB shares their forecast for the styles of the decade.

  1. Ageless Beauty: “In a further move away from ‘anti-ageing’ towards those servicing specific concerns – often targeting hormonally-driven changes – brands are introducing more products for Gen Xers”
  2. Sophisticated Skincare: “Google searches for ‘microbiome’ (the microorganisms on and inside your body) increased by +110 per cent year-on-year in 2019”
  3. Personalized analysis approach: “Taking skin swabs to test bacterial analysis and DNA – and therefore receive products customised to your microbiome and genetic make-up – are just two ways in which we will be taking a more targeted approach to beauty in the new decade.”
  4. Clean Beauty – “In 2020 expect to see a fight against misleading information in beauty with demand for full transparency from brands, leading to clearer definitions of what can be considered ‘clean’. In addition to ingredients, companies’ ethical standards at all stages of a product’s process will be scrutinised.”
  1. Skinimalism – “the counter trend to excessive consumption of products born out of respect for our sustainability crisis; naturally, this is not restricted to skincare, but beauty buys in general”
  2. Gen Z Prejuvination – “Learning to cleanse, moisturize and protect your skin at an early age can improve self-esteem, relationships and professional development, reduce suffering and help us feel good about our skin for as long as possible. – Dr. Justine Kluk”
  3. Influencer-based Marketing – “Big brands have jumped on influencer marketing as a way to reach people that are increasingly turning off traditional media – it’s cynical and lazy marketing.”
  4. Men’s Beauty Boom – “Allied Market Research forecasts the global men’s personal care market will advance at a compound annual growth rate of 5.5 per cent to reach $166 billion by 2022…hopefully 2020 will be the year that men wearing make-up as they please will become the accepted norm.”
  5. Sexual Wellness – “As we all become more at ease discussing subjects previously thought of as taboo, the market for personal care grows bigger and bigger. While so-called ‘vaginal beauty products’ may miss the mark, brands now catering to our sexual health and wellness – whether in the context of pregnancy and menopause, or not – can only be a good thing.”

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